You want to spend time with your children, but you have a lot to get done. Between errands and working from home, you feel like you never get to spend quality time with them. Try one of these six tips and make the most of the time spent with your kids.

  1. Grocery Shopping – You’d think that something as mundane as a trip to your local grocery store wouldn’t be an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids, but you’d be wrong. A store is a wonderful opportunity to educate your children on some of the basics of adult life. Older kids can be taught to look at prices and sales and calculate the best deal. Younger children can weigh vegetables, and toddlers can go over the names and colors of fruit.
  2. House Work – The boring chores that everyone hates to do can be fun times working together as a family. Even the smallest kids can help out. The ‘vacuum monster’ gives kids incentive to pick up the toys left on the floor, and children love dusting tables ‘whistling while they work’. (A la Cinderella or Snow White!)
  3. Yard Work – Nothing is better to little kids than playing in the dirt with mom. Shed your professional look and get down and dirty pulling weeds, landscaping, and watering the grass. Turn a sprinkler into a water park and join the kids in their fun on a hot summer day.
  4. Cooking – An essential life skill, cooking can’t be taught too early. Making a salad,baking a cake or simply making mac and cheese are fun, easy recipes that any kid will be able to help out with.
  5. Exercise – While you typically exercise alone, it doesn’t have to be that way. Pulling a kid in a wagon as you jog, biking with your children, or even a nice walk in the woods all counts as exercise for you and your kids.
  6. At Work – You work from home. How do you keep the kids happy without letting the TV babysit? Simple, give them ‘work’ to do. Stamps and stickers, shaped scissors, a variety of markers, crayons and colored pencils, and they’re ready to help you work. You can even get them to learn as they help with writing exercises.

So no matter what it is you have to do, make your children a part of it. Kids can do more than just ride along. Get them involved and learning, and spend quality time with them even as you get things done.

Author Bio: Mary Edwards is one of the contributors and editors for dating sites. She is passionate about thought leadership writing, regularly contributes to various career, social media, public relations, branding, and parenting and online dating community. She can be reached at edwardsmary936 AT

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