Child obesity is on the rise and with that, so is the tragic increase of type 2 diabetes amongst the younger generation. Kids today are far more interested in playing video games, surfing the internet and eating frozen pizza rolls than engaging in any kind of physical activity or actually reaching for an apple in the refrigerator. If you are realizing that you have been encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle for your children, the time to change is now!

  1. Lead by Example – You cannot expect your children to make healthy food choices or want to exercise if you aren’t. You may want to follow in the steps of many others who have asked, “Does Nutrisystem diet plan work?” and join a program that gets your whole family on track to eating right.
  2. Make Food Fun – Teaching your kids that healthy, organic food can be fun from a young age will ensure these fundamentals remain in their diet choices as they grow up. Rather than pouring a bowl full of potato chips, why not make nutritious smoothies or roll bananas in yogurt and coconut and freeze them for the perfect snack on a hot day?
  3. Stop Buying Soda – Your kids will not stop drinking soda as long as you keep buying it. The best thing to do is get a six pack of stainless steel or BPA-free plastic bottles and keep them full of water in the refrigerator. Today they are available in so many fun patterns; everyone can have their own bottle that reflects their personality.
  4. Play Video Games – Yes, you read that right! There are fun fitness, sports and dance video games available for every gaming platform. Rather than sitting, watching television, get everyone active playing a game.
  5. Weekly Outing – Schedule a weekly activity where the whole family goes hiking, bicycling, kayaking, etc. Even shooting a few hoops or getting everyone involved in the yard work is great ways to burn calories.
  6. Rewards – Whether the goal is weight loss or simply getting healthier, you can create diet and exercise charts and offer rewards like a new toy, guitar, movie or even a week without any chores. Children are just like adults, rewards can go a long way when used for motivation.

It doesn’t matter if you have young children, adolescents or teenagers; it is never too late to change poor eating habits and lazy lifestyles. Healthy choices that you teach your children to make now will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

About the Author

Melissa Cameron is married with two wonderful children who she loves spending time with. Not too long ago, she really evaluated herself and how her decisions were essentially affecting the health of her kids. Melissa used Medifast coupons codes to get everyone on a healthy diet plan and her family started exercising and participating in more activities together. Now she’s lost weight and her kids sleep and even act better since they burn more energy throughout the day!

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