There are so many benefits that come from working at home. You don’t have to dress up to go to work. You can take your lunch break in your kitchen. You can also save on gas because you don’t have to commute back and forth to an office. However, if there’s one thing that may be a cause of concern, it’s the fact that since you’re in your house all day long, this means that you’re using considerably more electricity than if you were working outside of it.

This doesn’t automatically mean that you have to surrender to the thought of having a significantly higher energy bill each month, though. That’s why we’ve provided you with a list of five energy-saving tips for your home business; ones that can keep you feeling good about how much electricity you’re using as you’re working around the house to get things done.

Use natural light. There’s absolutely no telling how much energy could be saved if we simply made a point to turn off our overhead lighting and lamps during daytime hours and opened up our blinds and curtains instead. By opting for natural light, not only are you giving your body some additional Vitamin D, but you’re also preventing your light bulbs from using so much energy. This can definitely keep your utility costs down.

Turn on your ceiling fans. During the summer months, you might be tempted to turn up your thermostat in order to keep cool. However, according to many energy auditors, if you set the temperature at your house to around 77-78 degrees and turn on your ceiling fans on an as needed basis, you can keep the air circulating in your house without using up a lot of energy to do it.

Unplug what you’re not using. Something that a lot of people fail to realize is the fact that anytime you plug something into an outlet, it is using up energy. So, once you’re done using your desktop, lamp or printer for the day, put forth a concerted amount of effort to unplug them. Over a couple of months, you’ll start to see a noticeable difference in your energy costs if you do.

Get a low-flow showerhead and toilet. According to many environmental data resources, if you’re looking for a way to raise the property value of your home and also cut down on your monthly water costs, two (relatively) simple things that you can do is install a low-flow showerhead and toilet. These two things combined can result in you using close to 40 percent less water than you currently do.

Plant some trees and shrubs. Something you can do that will beautify your landscape and also keep your home at a more comfortable temperature is to plant more trees and shrubs around it. In the summer, it will help to shade your home and in the wintertime, it will help to shield it from the bitter cold. While you’re doing some yard work, it’s also a good idea to plant a tree somewhere by your HVAC unit. The more shade it gets, the less it will have to work and ultimately, the lower your utility costs will be. It’s a great “green way”, literally, to be energy-efficient.

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