When people explore the benefits that come with working from home, they tend to think about things like the fact that they oftentimes have the freedom to work in their pajamas or sweats or that they can work in their bedroom or living room rather than a corporate office setting. And while both of these are certainly pretty good perks, the reality is that working from home can also save you quite a bit of money. Here’s how.

You don’t have to commute. It doesn’t look like gas prices will be dropping any time soon and so working from home can easily save you quite a bit of money on fuel each month. Plus, the more mileage that you put on your car, the more maintenance that is oftentimes required. So, if your car is parked in the driveway during business hours, that’s even more money that you can save because you won’t have to purchase things like new tires or getting oil changes (at least quite as often).

You don’t have to eat out. Even if you spent $5 a day on a fast food combo, that adds up to $25 per week and $100 per month. By working from home and getting food out of the refrigerator, not only are you able to keep a few more dollars in your pocket, but studies show that cooking in your own kitchen is a lot healthier than dining out.

You don’t have to get a new wardrobe. We already briefly touched on this, but it’s worth expounding on just a bit. Unless it’s a job that comes with a uniform, people can end up spending quite a bit of money on clothes for work, especially if they work in a place that requires business professional attire. However, if you work from home, you can pretty much wear whatever you’d like and only dress up on the days when you need to physically meet with a client.

You won’t need to pay for childcare. If you’ve ever had your child in a daycare, then you know that you can easily spend anywhere from $700-1,000 each month on fees. However, when you work from home, you can keep that money in your checking account and also feel the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your child is safe and sound, at home, with you.

You don’t have to pay for office space expenses. Say that you run your own company and you’ve been looking at some office space in New York to lease. Just the cost of the rent alone can be as much as $2,000 per month (and that is in the low end of rental property costs). Then you have to factor in purchasing electronic equipment, putting in business phone lines, hiring security and purchasing office supplies, just to name a few of the things that you will need. But, by opting to run a virtual office instead, you won’t be required to purchase most of these things. You will already have a place to run your business (your house), residential lines are cheaper than business ones, there’s no need for a security guard and you can buy office supplies for one person rather than many. Plus, by having contracted workers rather than full-time employees, you don’t have to be concerned about paying their taxes or providing health benefits. Working from home can be a great decision all the way around.

Photo credit: slightlyscatteredsupermom.wordpress.com

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