Are you a Work-At-Home-Mom who has a business that consists of selling an actual product or service? If so, then it’s pretty safe to assume that you have a website up and running so that you can gain more than just local customers. Therefore, the purpose of this article is not to provide you with ways to start your business, but to market yourself in a way where your company can thrive and grow. This starts with creating a solid online marketing plan that includes these five ideas:

Use social media. One of the quickest, easiest and cheapest things that you can do to market your company is to use websites like Facebook and Twitter to do so. It only takes a minute to start a Facebook fan page or create a Twitter account. Another smart idea is to link your website to bookmark sites such as Digg and Magnolia and to even start a Pinterest page where you can share ideas on product development and encourage customers to do the same.

Have a video blog. Although a lot of people have websites, two mistakes that many individuals make are not updating the site enough and not having a blog up. Writing a blog is not a “bad idea” by any stretch. The challenge is that, in cyberspace, people are so used to being immediately gratified that you might not hold their attention for long if it’s very wordy (over 300-400 words). For this reason, consider doing a video blog, instead. You can say just as much (if not more) in less time and you can also create a YouTube subscription page to garner even more viewers.

Do giveaways. Another cool thing about social media is that you can reach lots of people (and their friends) in a record amount of time. People will never get tired of giveaways, so try and get into the habit of hosting one once or twice a month. It can be a free T-shirt to someone who gets five people to join your newsletter or a 25 percent discount to the first individual who purchases your latest service or product. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities here.

Don’t forget about LinkedIn. Say that you have a business that specializes in providing people with exclusive information on online education such as finding the best colleges for business intelligence degrees or the best scholarships for single moms. That is a kind of company that a lot of professional people would want to know about and so, in the midst of all of the marketing ideas that you are researching, don’t forget about networking on websites like LinkedIn. There are a lot of people on there who are very business-minded who may be able to provide with you some advice, access to interns and information on marketing conferences and seminars within your area.

Make sure that you’re listed. There are two things about this particular point. One, there are some websites that are pretty cryptic when it comes to how potential customers and clients can get in touch with them. Therefore, make sure that your contact page is clearly accessible and lists an email address, phone number and mailing address. Secondly, there are plenty of online directories where you can list your business either for free or a minimal amount, so make sure that you take advantage of them. Some of them include Google, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo, CitySearch and Good luck!

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