Even if your company is doing everything right when it comes to creating safe products, treating employees fairly, and observing environmental responsibilities when it comes to operations, you might drop the ball when it comes to customer service. This isn’t very surprising considering that it often ends up as one of the lowest items on a list of corporate priorities. And yet, any company that hopes to succeed over the long haul needs to devote attention and resources to keeping their customers happy. So if you’re looking for a few good ways to improve your customer service, here are some options that could get you back on track with customer satisfaction.

  1. Offer live help. You can save some resources by providing an automated phone service to deal with common issues, creating a list of FAQs on your website, and offering assistance via email, but you can’t just leave customers hanging when they need help. At some point you have to give them the opportunity to talk to a living, breathing customer service representative who can actually solve their problems, at least if you want them to continue to be your customers.
  2. Hire qualified individuals. Plenty of companies outsource their customer service, but the result is often a group of representatives that don’t understand your products or the needs of your customers (or sometimes even your language). When you have on-site customer service you’ll enjoy the ability to train representatives, offer ongoing education, and stay apprised of common issues so that you can quickly create fixes and pass them along to customer service agents. But you can also ensure that the representatives you hire are qualified to do the job, ensuring that your customers get the best possible service.
  3. Stress polite and helpful attitudes. You’ve no doubt heard the expression “the customer is always right”, and it’s one that you should instill in your customer service employees, and indeed, all of your employees. Some customers may be so fed up by the time they reach a live representative that they behave in an aggressive manner. But an employee trained to diffuse such situations by being polite and helpful can turn a bad experience around and have your customers singing your praises.
  4. Stay on top of issues. When you are aware of the issues your customers are experiencing you have the opportunity to get the jump on situations that have the potential to harm your brand image. If you act quickly you can create fixes that will rectify any problems and keep your customers happy, thus preserving your reputation.
  5. Provide options. When a customer is experiencing difficulties do you really want to stick them in a maze of automated calling or make them search your website high and low to find your contact information? No. You want to make it easy for them to get help so that they can continue using your products or services and you want to impress them so that they become brand ambassadors. To this end you need both real, live people and the right customer experience software on your side. So think about providing not only phone and email options, but also setting up a live chat via your website to connect customers with easy access to the support services they need. Providing more options only stands to make for happy and satisfied customers.

Photo credit: busymommymedia.com

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