They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to discovering creative ways to gift a photograph—one that goes beyond simply putting an 8X10 in a picture frame—sometimes we feel like our choices are extremely limited. The good news is that when you’re looking for the ideal present to give to someone and you want to include a photo with it, there are actually a myriad of options to choose from. If you would like a few ideas that are both unique and inexpensive, we have five great ones for you below:

A calendar. Granted, this first idea might not be the most unique one in the world, but it really depends on how you choose to create the calendar. Typically, what people will do is make a standard wall one with a photograph for each month inside of it. But remember that you can make a desk calendar with a photo for every day or even a huge wall-mounted calendar that has all of the months on one page and a big picture on the top of it. You can easily get these professionally laid out for you at your local Kinko’s.

Some portable notepads. Thanks to the progressions in technology, there are a lot of people who tend to type notes into their cell phone; however, being that there are some of us who still like to write things down, it’s awesome that Pinhole Press provides a way for you to customize your notepads and grocery lists with candid pictures of your flowers, pets or anything else that comes to mind. That way, when you’re writing down all of the errands for your action-packed day, you have a familiar photograph looking up at you to make you smile.

A deck of playing cards. Do you enjoy playing cards? If so, why not replace the front of them with a picture from your favorite vacation or your child’s latest recital? It’s a nice touch for people who participate in a hand of Spades on a regular basis and the great thing is that you don’t have to go far to get them designed. Shutterfly will do it for around $20.

A photo charm bracelet. When you want to store up memories from your wedding day or anniversary party, chances are, you’ll need to create photo book. But if you want to try something that is a bit more creative, how about going with a photo charm bracelet instead? You can put one or a few photos on each charm and it’s a fashionable way to keep some of the photographs you love most in your view at all times. (You can get this at Shutterfly too.)

Some stamps. Something that your child’s grandparents will simply adore are some stamps that have their grandchild’s photo on them. Although initially, it might seem like an expensive type of thing to do (especially being that the cost of stamps continues to rise), you can actually get about 20 of them customized for you for under $25 at Snap Fish or It’s creative, it’s fun but more than anything, it’s something that they can use in a practical way while showing the world (or at least the mailman) just how beautiful their grandson or daughter truly is!

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