Writing is one of the most fulfilling creative arts in which anyone can get involved, but it can seem difficult to make a living as a writer. Getting your own writing published and earning a paycheck is not as tough as it sounds, however. While you may not hit the New York Times best seller list overnight, there are plenty of freelance writing jobs available that you can seek to get your name out and earn good money for doing something you love.

  1. Newspaper Columns
    Writing columns for a newspaper is usually not the highest paying gig in the spectrum, but it is a great opportunity to express your opinions in print, hone your craft, and build your portfolio. Try pitching column ideas to local newspapers to begin networking and see what kind of opportunities are available. A column published in your name is a great resume builder, so this could be an excellent stepping stone to bigger and better things. Get in touch with smaller local publications as a start.
  2. Real Estate Listing
    You see the advertisements all the time, but you may not have thought about who writes all those real estate listings. Some realtors write their own listings, but busy offices and agents who lack literary skill often hire out for their real estate writing. If you can sell a shack like it’s a chateau, you might be able to find great success in real estate writing. Think of it as practice for writing your own setting descriptions, and you’re killing two birds with one stone. Hone your craft while earning a paycheck at the same time.
  3. Speech Composition
    Speeches are not what they used to be–that’s for sure. Abraham Lincoln may have written the Gettysburg Address himself, but most of the figures you see behind the podium today do not write their own words. They hire speech writers to draft engaging declarations and captivate listeners far and wide. This kind of position usually requires experience for hiring, so you might want to start by doing some gratis work for acquaintances before you start going for the big fish. Start building your resume today, and you could end up writing some of the most memorable speeches of our time.
  4. Blog Writing
    Blogging has exploded into a huge industry today. Talented writers now have the opportunity to make a living writing blog content all over the web. Generating content for other blogs is one great way to get started. If you work hard enough, you can also make a living from writing your own blogs on any topic you like. Many websites offer work through extensive blogging networks, and the volume of work is high–you could get started today.
  5. Web or Print Copy
    Online and paper publications alike need copy. Product descriptions, advertisement content and lots of other things fall under the heading of copywriting, and this kind of work is great for freelance writers. Copywriting Melbourne freelancers have shown that working in this industry is a great way to make a living from your talent for the written word. Check local job listings to find copy opportunities available in your city.

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