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While you may already be making efforts to attract new clients to your business, there’s always room for improvement. An option available to you to improve your business-based skills is to opt for different courses.

The best thing is that you can get educated and add to your skills right while staying at your home as most of the courses are available online. The acquired skills from going this route are going to give you a competitive edge in your business niche.

Here are 5 types of courses work at home moms have the option to consider for success in 2013:

1.  Improvement opportunity course

There are times when there’s an opportunity for improvement in the current way you’re conducting business, but you may not be able to identify this window of opportunity or realize it at a time when you can’t afford to make changes. For example, you may find out that your banner ad could have included three more pictures after you’ve already placed it at a webpage.

Improvement opportunity courses will sharpen your skills to identify room for improvement more quickly.  Lean six sigma online certification, SNEF management and other programs are some of the course options available here.

2.  SEO copywriting course

An SEO copywriting course is just what you need if your business relies on web marketing. You’ll be able to improve your writing skills with this course and also be able to identify latest industry trends and learn how to search for keywords that people in your industry enter the most queries for.

There are many digital companies and websites that are offering SEO copywriting courses such as seocopywriting, copyblogger and brickmarketing. This course also provides a gateway to start a side business.

3.  Social media marketing course

You may already be present on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, but there are several other platforms you may be missing out on. For example, Google+ is one of the fastest growing platforms and it’s also bringing in a lot of business referrals.

A course in social media marketing will allow you to discover more social media sites that you can start building your presence on. Users on not-so-main stream sites are easier to target as your competitors may not be aware about them, which gives you an opportunity to attract industry-related customers before anyone else does.

You’ll also learn how to increase engagement on social media, what’s the best time to share content on platforms and other useful social media skills. Several companies and institutes are offering social media courses online such as complysocially, Rutgers and socialmediamarketinguniversity.

4. Financial management course

Operating your finances is one of the most important tasks, but you may get confused when your business grows too large or several customers or investors come to you all of a sudden.

You can learn how to handle large accounts and financial data instead of pressing the panic button. LexisNexis and Factiva training courses are some of the options available for adding to finance management skills.

5. Customer Service course

Even if you’re a single person running a business from home, a customer service course makes sense because it will help you to learn how to deal with customers, provide satisfactory answers to their queries and how to keep your head cool if a customer says something negative about your company.

FETAC Level 6 Certificate, GNED-160 and GMP refresher training are some of the course options available.

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