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Being a single mother shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to throwing a good birthday party for your son (or daughter). You can plan a celebration that will prove to be enjoyable for everybody. While it’s important to stay on budget when planning a birthday party, it’s also important to throw a party that is memorable for you, your kid(s) and the guests. How you can go about organizing the best birthday party for your child?

#1: Pick a Theme

In order to create a fun event that everybody enjoys, you should choose a party theme. This theme becomes an integral part of the decorations, invitations, playful activities and cake. To select a good party theme, have a small discussion with your birthday boy. Look for activities, hobbies, movies or cartoon characters that your child likes – create a foundation based on that. Once you know the theme, have custom tee shirts printed using a homemade logo and distribute them to the guests.

#2: Decide on the Guests

You also need to be sure of the number of guests you would be inviting. When it comes to deciding on how many guests are to be invited, you can have your kid invite as many guests as his age is. If your kid is celebrating his 10th birthday then he can invite ten of his friends to the party. This will ensure that the number of guests don’t go out of hand.

#3: Create/Purchase Invitations

The way you design and word your invitations is important. Make sure you do it according to the party theme you’ve selected. For example, if it’s a pirate’s theme then the invitation could be ship-shaped. Also, see to it that all the needed details are included such as the time/date and location along with the RSVP info.

#4: Go for Simple Decorations

The decorations for your party don’t have to be too complicated. Go for nice and simple decorations like streamers and balloons. You can include a few elaborate items that go with your theme. For example, if you’re holding a space party then you can have everything from rocket ships to planets hanging to make the theme more worth it. Also, make sure you coordinate paper napkins, paper plates and tablecloths so that they match your theme.

#5: Plan the Menu

When you’re planning the menu make sure you choose foods that you know will be easy on the budget and at the same time, go with the taste of your guests. Once you’re done planning the menu, you should decide on what you will be buying from the outside and what you will be making on your own. Work out whether any of your guests will have some kind of food limitation. The cake can be either baked by you or ordered. Go for a cake that goes with your child’s favorite race car, cartoon character, superhero or simply goes with your theme.

These are five tips to throw the perfect children’s birthday party. What advice do you have for our readers?

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