Here’s a pop quiz. When you see a red bull’s eye on a sign, what company do you immediately think of? Is it Target? Or how about the little girl with pigtail and freckles? Is it Wendy’s? Now what about the blue square with the lower-cased white “f” in the right-hand side? That’s got to be Facebook, right? These are just a few examples of how powerful a brand can be and why, when launching a company or service, you should put a concerted amount of forethought into how to properly brand your own business. So, if you would like some tips on how to successfully launch your own brand, we have five solid ones for you below:

Do a lot of research. When creating a brand, there are two things that you want to make sure that you do. One, is to develop something that isn’t an exact duplicate of someone else’s concept (which can be a bit more challenging to do than you might initially think). The second point is to look for ways to create a brand that will stand heads and toes above the rest. This requires doing a significant amount of book reading, online researching as well as following data as it directly relates to marketing and advertising.

Get some mentorship. One of the most effective things that you can do when it comes to creating a successful brand is to find someone who is willing to mentor you. It can be a person who you personally know who has done well in the area of branding or you might want to try locating someone through your contacts on websites like LinkedIn. This brings us to the third tip.

Involve yourself in all kinds of networking. There are a lot of new companies that find themselves having a hard time attracting business mostly because there aren’t a lot of people who know anything about them. Don’t make the mistake that a lot of businesses do by waiting until your official launch to do some networking. Even in the planning stages, use this time as an opportunity to meet as many people as you can through social media outlets, local and regional conferences and even trade-shows and non-profit events that you feel are somewhat relevant to the focus of your business.

Study social media. In this day and age, you need a website, Facebook fan page, Twitter account, Pinterest page, YouTube subscription channel, LinkedIn and Google Plus account—and that is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s no way that your branding is going to be effective without the help of social media. So, make sure that in the midst of everything else that you are doing, that you spend some time becoming well-versed in those areas too. A lot of social media platforms are relatively user-friendly and free to use. That’s just two more reasons to add them to your list of “branding things” to do.

Design an awesome logo and create a fabulous mission statement. All successful brands have an amazing logo design and a memorable mission statement. That’s because without those two things, it’s hard for any other form of branding to truly transpire. Therefore, make it a point to hire a really experienced graphic designer to do your logo. Also, sit down with either you and your staff or you and your mentor to craft a mission statement. Once you are clear and focused on what the vision for your business is, everything else will fall into place.

Photo credit: theworkathomewoman.com

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