Potty training your toddler can be a stressful experience that leaves even the calmest of parents ragged and drained. What makes perfect sense to you – just use the toilet when you have to go!! – is akin to solving a calculus equation to your little one, and by the end of the day you’re both frustrated with the whole process. Use these tips to help make the transition from diapers to toilets a little bit easier on both of you:

1.      If they aren’t ready, don’t stress. It’s easy for parents to think that their kids need to adhere to a certain timeline, especially when books, magazines, doctors, family members, and friends all tell you that a certain age is the right time to start potty training. However if your child isn’t ready that’s OK. There is no actual set schedule that they need to follow, and the whole experience will be much more pleasant if everyone is ready to begin the training process then if you’re trying to force an unwilling child to comply.

2.      Use the power of positivity. Instead of berating your child for favoring his diaper and missing an opportunity to use the big-boy bathroom, heap on copious amounts of praise when he does remember to go to the toilet. Reinforcing positive behaviors and building him up for doing something right has a much more lasting impression then using negativity to convince him that he did something wrong.

3.      Make them feel like an adult. Little kids love to emulate the actions of their parents. Use this desire to mimic parents to tell them that mom and dad use the toilet, and they’re going to be just like mom and dad when they start using the toilet too. When they find pride in their actions they are much more likely to want to continue to repeat them.

4.      Offer rewards for successful trips.  Maybe it’s a handful of their favorite candy, maybe it’s a lunch trip with just dad, or maybe they get to stay up for an extra 15 minutes with mom before bedtime. Choose a reward that you know your child will appreciate and use that as incentive to use the toilet instead of her diaper when it’s time to go to the bathroom. A reward system can be just the motivation your child needs to start adopting using the toilet.

5.      Use colored water to make potty training fun. Squeeze a few drops of food coloring into the toilet bowl to turn the water into one color, and then show your little one that after he goes potty the water morphs into a new color. This makes the whole process more fun, which is more engaging to children.

Remember to always be patient when potty training your child, and that each child is different and will be ready to learn at different times. Everyone has to go through the potty training process at some point, and keeping the whole ordeal a positive one will make it a habit that is much more likely to stick.

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