iStock_000016269230XSmall-pregnancy-working-momNo matter what trimester you are in, you might find it difficult to find a consistent work schedule. However, in today’s modern world many mothers must work to keep a viable income in order to sufficiently support themselves. While working on a regular basis is important to keep in mind that you are limited in your capacities, but usually your co-workers and boss will understand. Moreover, there are plenty of methods to stay healthy and stress free at work during your gestation period. It is important to remember that your mood and even physical comfort levels will change on a dime, so being prepared is crucial. Here are 5 tips for managing work while you’re pregnant.

  1. First off, you might find yourself getting waves of nausea, especially in the first trimester. This can be particularly discomforting while at work. Generally, you want to be sure to eat foods without too much flavor, like bread, rice and some soups. You also want to avoid strong smells, like bathroom odors and even perfume. And because morning sickness is most common in the morning it is important to take it especially easy in your first few hours of work by not doing anything too strenuous.
  2. You might also find yourself getting overly tired or fatigued, especially in the middle of the day or afternoon. You can combat this by taking small walks around the block or at lunch you can take a quick power nap, either in your car or under your desk. You might even be able to ask your boss for a private room during lunch. Another way to avoid serious fatigue is to get plenty of sleep the night before and avoid situations that are overly stressful.
  3. Also, if your job requires any kind of manual labor it is best that you talk to your employee or manager about taking on other job responsibilities while you are pregnant. You also don’t want to be standing for too long, because blood can collect in your legs, which can cause back pain and dizziness. If you have to lift anything too heavy be sure spread your legs shoulder-width apart and be sure to bend your knees.
  4. And if air travel is an important part of your job, most doctors and specialists say that it is okay to travel on a plane up until you are 36 to 37 weeks into your pregnancy. However, you want drinking plenty of water and be sure to wear comfortable clothing so that you are not restricted. The key is to keep your baby as healthy as possible. When your baby is born, you might even be able to donate the cord blood from the placenta for stem cell research.
  5. Lastly, if you are a pregnant woman and your job requires you to be sitting at a desk or in front of a computer, it is recommended that you get a comfortable chair. It is also important to get up to take frequent walks, just so you keep your circulation going, because blood flow is vital during pregnancy.

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