Resume-Tips-for-Work-at-Home-WomanIf you’ve always dreamed of being able to work from the comfort and convenience of your own home, now, more than ever, that can become a reality for you. Thanks to the power of the internet, along with many companies desires to be more energy efficient (which means hiring more telecommuters), you can find a myriad of work-at-home positions in just about any field.

However, in order to really catch an employer’s eye, you have to make sure that you have the ideal resume. Below, we have five tips that will help you to craft one that will make any person take a second look and consider contacting you for an interview:

Be clear and concise. One thing that you have to keep in mind about telecommute jobs is that, in many cases, people from all over the country are applying for them. This means that the individual who is reviewing them doesn’t want to spend a lot of time reading “fluff”. So for instance, if you have quite a bit of work experience, there is no need to put all of your academic history down (unless you have a master’s or Ph.D.). Another thing that you can leave off is your objective. You can pretty much cover that in your cover letter.

Use keywords that are applicable to the position. One way that technology benefits a lot of employers is that they can use software to scan for keywords that are related to the position that you are applying for. So, for instance, if you are submitting a resume to a graphics design company, you definitely want to put “graphic designer” along with some of the words that are relevant to that line of work in your resume.

Watch your layout. Although it’s OK to be somewhat creative, it’s important to make sure that your resume has a font that can be easily read. Also, try to bullet point each section (that also makes it more legible) and when it comes to dates, try and go without using parenthesis. It’s better to use commas instead.

Focus on your accomplishments, not your responsibilities. In times past, a lot of resumes would consist of phrases like “responsibilities included” or “duties required”. The truth of the matter is that just because a certain thing was in the job description, that doesn’t really explain to your prospective employee how good you were at doing it. That’s why it’s better to focus on sharing ways that you went above and beyond a certain task. In other words, talk less about what the job requirements were and more about how well you did in the position.

Be tech savvy. If you spoke with most popular resume services about how you can land the perfect telecommute job, they would probably telling you that the more tech and social media savvy you are, the better. Don’t hesitate to share how well you can navigate social media sites like FB and Twitter, if you know how to create a Pinterest account or WordPress website and what kinds of software you are efficient in. The more you can showcase your “online abilities”, the greater chance you will have of getting the kind of job that you desire.

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