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When you’re a Work-At-Home-Mom (WAHM), it can already be challenging enough to try and get a full day of work done while your kids are at home. That’s because children have something that a lot of us wish that we did: boundless amounts of energy. The good news is that if you provide children with enough things to do, they can easily stay entertained for a couple of hours without the need for a lot of your constant supervision.

If you’re a WAHM, you have some really energetic children and you would like some tips on some of the simple ways to keep them entertained while you work, we have five great ones for you right here:

Get them some books. It’s amazing that we live in a time where video games are oftentimes preferred over books, but if you get your child the right kind of reading material, it can definitely have their imagination going for hours on end. For starters, think about what some of your favorites were while growing up and introduce them to those authors.

Pull out some board games. Speaking of taking a walk down “nostalgia road”, if you have more than one child and they are relatively close in age, introduce them to the world of board games. University Games Kids of Stage, Pop the Pig and Don’t Scramble the Egg are good ones for young children. If your kids are older, purchase them a game of Operation or Life instead.

Show them how to cook (without heat). There’s a pretty good chance that at least once every couple of hours, your child is going to yell out “Mom, I’m hungry.” As you’re working, sometimes, it’s a convenient time to honor their request while other times, it’s not. One thing that you can do is show them how to make some of their own meals. Ones that don’t require using the stove including making sandwiches and also getting fresh fruits and vegetables out of the refrigerator. Also, make the time to show them what they can pull out of the pantry (like chips and nuts) too.

Schedule some play dates. Where would parents be without play dates? Whether your child has a friend come over to hang out at your house or they are invited to go to someone else’s, they will easily stay entertained by their friend’s company; usually for so long that you will find yourself being the ones checking in on them rather than them coming in asking you to provide ideas of things to do.

Get them some toys. Children always enjoy playing toys. When it comes to some of the top toys in 2013, those would include the LeapFrog LeapsterGS Explorer, the VTech MobiGo 2 Touch Learning System and the iTikes Map. We’re pretty sure that you’ve noticed the commonality with all three of these items; it’s the fact that they are electronic toys. However, they are more than that. They’re electronic toys that are also educational. So, if you get one of these for your child and have them play with it outside, you’ll end up with the best of both worlds: something fun and entertaining for them to do as they’re out in the fresh outdoors. Oh, and the extra bonus of an hour or so of peace and quiet that you’ll get in return certainly doesn’t hurt, either!

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