Besides having significant emotional, cultural and romantic connotations, our heart is one of the most important organs of our body. The Heart starts running from your 22nd day in your mother’s womb and is one of the first organs to develop, undermining its importance in stimulating the function of life. However, your heart is also quite vulnerable to your activities and lifestyle and can stand damaged very quickly if you don’t provide it with the right conditions to thrive, function and sustain its optimal activities.

Our hearts need to be protected and here are 5 simple things you need to do to accomplish this feat for a healthier, happier and livelier you:

Move those muscles as much as you can:

Whenever you start exercising, your heart starts pumping faster to make oxygen-rich blood reach your muscles at work. This activity, subliminally, allows the heart muscle to strengthen up and make it more efficient at pumping blood outwards. But there will be no significant improvement in your heart if you only opt for a one-off session. Regular exercise is essential towards stimulating your heart’s muscles on a consistent basis, and it’s probably the best gift you can give to your own heart.

End Tobacco consumption right now:

Tobacco and your heart never get along well. That’s because, tobacco products like cigarettes introduce substances like nicotine and tar into your system, which then build up in the arteries causing them to clog. This interferes with your heart’s functioning and can have serious health implications if you don’t end tobacco consumption in all forms right now.

Reduce your weight or keep it from increasing beyond the optimal range:

Obesity is never good for your body and especially your heart. Excess weight will make your heart put in extra effort to pump blood to your vital organs. And with the increase in strain on your heart, the chances of your heart succumbing to this undue pressure increases manifold.

Make an effort to reduce weight through regular exercise, eating the right kinds of foods and indulging in moderate intensity workout sessions. Once you weigh within the appropriate category relative to your age, make sure you don’t regress into the unhealthy lifestyle once again, whether by inaction or lack of motivation.

Say No to Stress:

Our modern day lives are full of undue stress, anxiety, and tension, making us feel tensed, bored and even cranky at times. But above everything else, stress wreaks havoc on your heart by making you commit to detrimental activities that increase the risk of diseases like smoking, higher alcohol consumption, and even irregular blood pumping rate. Make sure you keep your mind free of worries by practicing techniques like yoga and mindfulness.

Keep yourself motivated enough to follow the steps above:

You need to keep track of your activities and back yourself to commit to actions that will improve your heart’s health at all times. The heart is much than just an ordinary organ. In fact, it’s an incredible internal machine which can help you lead an outstanding quality of life if only you take good care of it.

Start today if you want to get the best results ever.

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