While mothers who work from home definitely enjoy the benefits of earning money while raising their own kids, instead of sending them off to be raised by strangers at a daycare facility, jugging a personal and professional life within the home setting is no easy task. When you think about it, caring for children is a round-the-clock, full-time job in and of itself. When you add even part-time work to that equation it quickly becomes a lot more complex. So it’s not surprising that many moms in this position let their looks go in favor of tending to the kids, managing the household, and getting work done. And yet, you shouldn’t have to lose your sense of self (and self-esteem) just because you happen to have a job and a family. Staying home all day is no reason not to look your best; believe it or not, it will change the way you feel. So here are a few simple tips to help you look gorgeous when you’re overwhelmed by work and kids.

  1. Under-eye concealer. If you’ve got kids, odds are you’ve got dark circles and puffy bags to go with them. Although you’re working with limited time when it comes to your morning makeup routine, this is one step you shouldn’t skip. A highlighting concealer with some extras like caffeine, green tea, or vitamins (A, C, E, et.) can help to hide dark circles, de-puff bags, and make you look way more alert than you actually feel. It’s a little boost of self-confidence for the beleaguered mom.
  2. Blush. You probably don’t have time for foundation, eye makeup, and the whole works, but the best way to perk up a wan face is with a wash of blush. For dry skin, try a creamy formula, and for oily skin go with a powder. But either way, choose a color that is bright and sheer so that you get a subtle, natural glow that provides you with the flush of health and beauty.
  3. Dry shampoo. No time for a shower before your 7am “mommy and me” class? No problem. Spray on some dry shampoo, run a brush through your hair, and your mane will look like it just had a fresh wash and blowout.
  4. At-home facial. Every busy mom needs to take a little time for herself if she wants to stay sane, so set aside an hour each week for a facial that starts with a steamy bath, followed by a wash, a scrub, and a mud mask. You can read a book or do a crossword while you wait for your mask to dry, allowing your mind to reboot. And at the end you’ll have a face that looks fresh and new, and a relaxed and refreshed attitude to go with it.
  5. A proper bra. Getting the girls up where they belong will not only improve your figure, but also the way you carry yourself, as well as your self-esteem. If breastfeeding has left you a little saggy but you’re not quite ready to go for a mammoplasty just yet, simply head to the nearest Victoria’s Secret for a bra fitting (yes, you need one, especially if you haven’t had one post-kids!) and splurge on a couple of push-up numbers that will have your hubby looking your way. Most women put on a bra every day anyway, so why not make it a pretty one that gives you the best support? You simply can’t go wrong with this beauty must-have.

Image source: ocmommag.com

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