Wine, tablecloths, a reservation for two - not the most exciting way to spend an evening.

If you ask a lot of couples who have been married for 30 years or more what the secret of their success is, many of them would probably tell you that it includes keeping the romance alive in their relationship. Indeed, having a marriage certificate should be no excuse for no longer “dating your partner”. Yet sometimes life gets in the way or bills affect our budgets to the point that it makes having a romantic night out really challenging.

Do you feel like a date with your mate is long overdue? If so, we have five romantic ideas that you can do; ones that will not cost a ton of money and can help to reignite your passion’s flame below:

Get a hotel room. Sometimes, all a couple needs is a change of scenery and getting a hotel room is an easy and effective way to do it. Even if you can’t afford to pay full price on a five-star hotel room, thanks to websites like Hotwire, Expedia and Hotels, you can find some really great deals. Or, you can go an even “cozier route” and visit at bed and breakfast (a list of options are available at

Have a mini “staycation”. If you have kids, it’s understandable if you have moments when you simply want the house all to yourself. So, rather than going out for dinner and a movie on “parent’s night out”, consider actually treating a babysitter and your kids to an outing instead. That way, you and yours can have a few hours to snuggle on the couch or…get close elsewhere.

Go on a picnic. You’ve got to eat, right? While going to a nice restaurant can serve as a good date, not all parents are able to get out at night (or stay out as late as they would like to when they do). The great thing about going on a picnic is that you can do it any time of the day. So, if one or both of you work outside of the home, all you have to do is look on your calendar to schedule a later lunch in the middle of the day and meet your spouse in the park. Be sure to pack a blanket, some chocolate-covered strawberries and some champagne (or sparkling cider) to toast your love for one another.

Do your “first date” all over again. A walk down memory lane can be a sweet and sentimental gesture. Whether your first date consisted of going roller skating, bowling or even going on one of the hot air balloon rides in your city, you can never go wrong by revisiting those places again.

Do some lingerie shopping. One place that will always be you and your spouse’s secret spot is your bedroom. So, on those days and nights when you can’t get away, at least provide a bit of eye candy to look at. The next time that the two of you are out together, stop by a local lingerie store for a something nice for “her” and some silk boxers for “him”. That can keep it feeling like “date night” even while being in the house for weeks to come!

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