For most work at home moms, the work load and stress level is doubly overwhelming. Not only do you have to accomplish your daily work related tasks – make phone calls, write reports, etc – but you also have to tend to the younger kids who aren’t yet old enough to go to school, or find the time to pick up the older ones from after school sports practices. Then once you are finally able to get that work load out of the way, you have to prepare dinner and pick up around the house. The work never ends for moms who work at home, especially when just being a mother is a hard enough job as it is. But there are some great reasons to have your kids pitch in and take one for the team.

Reason 1

Having your kids help out around the house will relieve your own stress level and work load at home. You don’t have to have them do any kind of hard core intensive labored chore to have them pitch in around the house. Things as simple as taking out the trash, wiping down the kitchen counters, checking the mail are easy tasks that you would have do anyway, if you didn’t have them do it. And as simple as these tasks are, they still take away precious time you could be spending getting the last of your paperwork done.

Reason 2

Enlisting the help from your children will allow you to focus on work and can increase your productivity. Having them assist you through completing those little chores that you do daily and that add up and borrow time away from work will give you more time to focus on what you need to get done work-wise more efficiently and productively. Have them vacuum, sweep, take the chicken out of the freezer that you are baking for dinner later. None of these tasks are too labor intensive, and your not having to worry about accomplishing them will keep your mind honed on the work you need to finish.

Reason 3

Having them help you out around the house keeps your kids out of trouble and helps them appreciate what you do for them. When they are at home and involved in the general up keep and maintenance of your household, you know where they are and that they are safe. Keeping them busy around the house doing the odd jobs that you have to do to keep the family functioning will teach them what lengths you have to go to make sure they are provided for. This will instill in them the respect, gratitude, and appreciation for you and the efforts you make to keep them happy and healthy.

Reason 4

If you have more than one child and they all partake in the odds and ends of the house work, you can help them build a sense of solidarity amidst them. They will begin to work more like a team than like individuals and they’re love for each other and for you will grow. This will bond your kids together and reinforce their idea and perceptions of how a healthy family unit functions. Moreover, this can help them out in the real world and teach them the skills they need to be an effective and productive member of a team.

Reason 5

Lastly, recruiting your kids to help you out will instill good, productive habits in them that will be beneficial to them and their future friends and family as they get older. Teaching them out to help you out will make chores seem less like chores and more like things that just need to get done in order to function. When they get to that age when they finally leave the nest, they will take with them what you have taught them and you won’t have to worry about whether or not they can fend for themselves in the real world.

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