Basically all of us have seen a movie or television program where we saw someone working on a big report and all of a sudden their computer crashes. And, because they did not backup their data, they lost all of that hard work that they did on the project. Understandably, it seems like a nightmare. Yet, here’s the deal, in “the real world” that happens more than it should and it’s because people do not cultivate a viable backup plan.

If you’re someone who doesn’t really make it a habit of doing so and you’re looking for some solid reasons why you should start, we have five good ones right here; ones that will hopefully provide you with the “reality check” that you need:

Files tend to get deleted. If you are someone who has files that are shared among several people, you definitely need to have a backup plan because what you might think needs to kept, might be the very thing that someone else thinks is no longer relevant and once files are deleted, more times than not, they cannot be retrieved.

Viruses. Viruses are mean and evil things that come onto our computer systems, oftentimes without any warning or (full) explanation. Although most people know to put a virus protection program onto their computer, based on the kind that you use, there are still moments when your computer (or staff computers) could be vulnerable to an attack. When this happens, not only can you lose your data, but it could cause your entire computer to require rebuilding.

What you may be using could malfunction. If you’ve been keeping certain forms of data on things like CDs, DVDs, DVRs or backup drives, while that’s certainly better than doing nothing at all, the challenge is that those things can break, get lost or even become corrupted. When that happens, it’s like you never had the data to begin with and that can pose a lot of problems.

Certain backups cannot be restored. More and more people are using cloud storage for backing up their data. If you’ve read an online backup review or two in one of your favorite tech magazines on the subject matter, then you might have come across the information that stated that almost 35 percent of businesses do not test their backup systems on a regular basis. What’s even more startling is that when over 77 percent of them made the attempt to try and retrieve all of their information, it couldn’t be fully recovered.

Power outages. There are plenty of articles out there that say it can be beneficial to leave your computers in “hibernation mode” when you’re done for the day (rather than turning them completely off). Here’s the potential risk, though: What if something happens that results in a power outage? Then what? Well, definitely one of the biggest problems is that it has the potential to damage your hard drive beyond compare. If there’s one thing that you certainly can’t control, it’s the weather or what happens to your equipment once you leave it, so if none of the other reasons convinced you to back up your data, hopefully this one definitely did.

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