Juggling the responsibilities of motherhood combined with the many other life concerns can be very difficult, as can turning your at home work into a profitable business. Luckily technology is on your side. You can use these 5 great tech tools to save money and make your life easier at the same time.

  1. Cloud Data Storage
    Whether working from home means you are operating your own business or telecommuting for an employer, chances are you’re going to accumulate a lot of important data. Periodic backups are necessary for all businesses, as a loss of data can be truly catastrophic for a number of reasons. Cloud storage now allows you to back up your important data online securely and inexpensively, so you can keep your peace of mind and save money at the same time.
  2. Social Networking Sites
    Marketing is essential for any business, but as a mom working from home you may find it difficult to make time in your day to dedicate to marketing for your business. Not only that, but marketing services cost a pretty penny and you may not have the capital to spare at this time. One popular solution to this problem is social media marketing. Websites like Facebook and Twitter can allow you to create and promote pages as marketing solutions for your business. Tap into the biggest networks in the world and market your business for free.
  3. Flash Drives
    Floppy discs as a vessel for portable data are so outdated that almost no computers are still built with drives to accommodate them, and many computer users don’t even remember their heyday. It’s a good thing too, as they were notoriously fickle, unreliable, and couldn’t hold much data. Modern flash drives offer a convenient and inexpensive solution to your portable data storage needs. Rather than lugging bags and cases around constantly, an inexpensive flash drive that fits into your pocket or purse allows you to take all the documents you need on the go for easy access at any computer.
  4. Free Software Solutions
    Software is expensive, and for good reason. Many hours of labor go into the production and creation of even the simplest utilitarian programs, and comprehensive suites like Microsoft Office are some of the most robust programs in the world–naturally they are expensive. However, you can get around these costs by using free software alternatives. Open Office, for example, is a comprehensive suite that rival’s Microsoft’s Office platform, and gives it to users free of charge. This is an even better deal than buying a PC wholesale. Look into free software alternatives before paying the big bucks for popular suites.
  5. Electricity Monitor
    Working from home likely means spending a lot of time in your home office running up a high electric bill. An easy to use electricity usage monitor can track how much power you’re using every day and help you cut your bills by saving energy. Things as simple as turning off and unplugging your computer when you finish a day’s work can turn into big savings on your bills. Take advantage of these great tech tools for your at-home work.

Photo credit: savemoneyeverymonth.org

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