If you’re a mom who also works from home, when you read the title of this article, you very well may have smirked just a bit. Between keeping your house clean, tending to the needs of your kids, making sure your pet stays where it needs to and still working out of your home office, when really is there time to watch a movie?

Ironically, that’s a part of the purpose of this article. It’s to remind you that even with all that you do for others, you still deserve a bit of time for yourself and sometimes that can include a couple of hours to watch a movie on Netflix or On Demand.

So, in honor of you, we’ve comprised a list of five inspirational films that, one way or another, will encourage you to embrace your life and all that it has to offer (surprises and all):

The Impossible. Naomi Watts has earned an Oscar award nomination for her role in a movie that is based on a family of five who survived the tsunami of 2004. Although the entire film is moving, on so many levels, one of the most inspiring things about it is that it shows the power and courage that rises deep within when it comes to helping your family survive life’s unexpected challenges.

The Bucket List. One “oldie but goodie” (relatively speaking) is this film starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. As a wise man once said, life is what happens when you’re off somewhere making plans. Sometimes, as a mom, you’re so busy helping others live their best life that you forget to make yourself a priority. This movie reminds you to do just that.

This Is 40. OK, it’s a comedy and it has moments when, if your child is in the room with you, you need to cover their eyes. Oh, but one thing that makes this movie so brilliant is that it really is super realistic. To watch two married people try and balance family dysfunction, two children (with one being a teenager), financial woes and still end up remaining committed, well, in a time where people change partners like they do their shoes, it’s inspiring simply to see a married couple have good and bad days—together.

Slumdog Millionaire. If you ask a lot of people what they would consider to be one of the best movies ever, this would probably go on the top of their list. There’s not enough time to get into how wonderful this film is, but bottom line, if you’re looking for a “love conquers all” movie that is a lot more believable than 90 percent of the chick flicks out there, this movie that won an amazing eight of 10 Oscars that it was nominated for will definitely not disappoint.

A Wedding for Bella. A lot of people don’t know about this movie (starring Scott Baio) but if there is one word to describe it, “sweet” would have to sum it up. An Italian family with traditional values is the setting for a movie about a couple who finds love by being more practical than romantic. Sometimes, commitments require practicality to make them work, right? This movie will confirm that very fact.

Photo credit: youngworkathomemoms.wordpress.com

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