work-from-home-website's-google-rankingGoogle rankings are extremely important for websites today, and whether yours is a business or personal page, taking steps to improve your rank in Google searches will be tremendously beneficial. As the undisputed giant of internet searches, Google is the number one place you should be looking for ways to increase your traffic. To improve your website’s page rank with Google and start climbing the ladder of search results, follow these steps and watch your website grow.

  1. Develop High Quality Content
    Content is everything for a website. It is what both readers and search engines are looking for when judging your website for merit. Your website’s content should be consistently high quality and relevant in order to ensure a high rank in search engine results. Google is more sophisticated than you may realize, and it makes judgments about your site based on content. It can tell the difference between irrelevant spam and high quality content, so always make sure to keep your website optimized with the content that will put it above others.
  2. Cater to Your Audience
    Some webmasters seeking to optimize their websites for search engine ranks make the mistake of focusing only on what Google’s parameters will judge. While things like key words are important for search engine optimization, your primary focus should be on the reader. Ask yourself what the audience can take away from your website. A page that caters to the needs of the audience will generate more repeat traffic, which will ultimately benefit your Google rankings more than almost anything else.
  3. Submit Your Site
    You want to make sure that Google knows about your site, so don’t just sit back and wait to be recognized. Put yourself out there by using tools like Google Site Submit and Google Local Submit to get a head start on building strong search result rankings. These tools are meant to increase your visibility and spread information about your website across the internet more quickly. This is especially beneficial for businesses, as you will be able to offer data such as photos and business hours that will generate more rich results in Google Maps searches.
  4. Promote Through Social Media
    Social media marketing is one of the best ways to promote your website without spending money on advertising. In the past few years, search results have been drawing more and more influence from social media networks, and this trend is expected to go even further after the launch of Facebook’s Graph Search function. Social media marketing is also a great way to generate healthy traffic for your website, which also serves to increase your page ranking.
  5. Stay Positive
    Nothing is worse for your search engine ranking than shady SEO tactics. Search engines are constantly becoming more advanced, and they are fighting the use of illicit and illegal practices in increasing page rank. Some webmasters will go to any means necessary to increase traffic, and their practices may land them in the Google penalty box. Don’t resort to subterfuge or try to beat the system. Build a good reputation for your website by avoiding spam and other undesirable SEO tactics–this is the best way to help your site grow.

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