By Vanessa Voltolina

You’ve been racking your brain for the perfect holiday gifts, taking stock of what your husband needs and consulting relatives so that your daughter doesn’t receive any duplicate gifts. Even if you’ve made a holiday list and checked it twice, we’ll bet there is still one person you’re forgetting: you.

What’s on your holiday list this year? (“Nothing” is not an acceptable answer.) It doesn’t have to be big, expensive or flashy, but you’re more than deserving of gifts that can help make life easier, or just make you feel good! If you’re unsure of how to respond, we have five go-to gift ideas especially for you:

Gift No. 1: Spa Treatments

With all that you do, it’s no wonder your nails look ragged by the holidays, and are treated to quick-and-dirty touch ups before an event. As this year comes to a close, make a point of keeping up with small beauty routines like this that make you feel pampered and confident. If you have a go-to salon, spa or mani-pedi spot, make it known to family and friends that a gift card or treatment would make perfect holiday gifts. If you’re not a regular, loved ones can find spa spots nearby with the click of a mouse. This gift not only keeps the focus on a more relaxed you, but is redeemable even after the holidays are behind you.

Gift No. 2: Peace of Mind

One thing is certain: By New Year’s Eve, you’ll feel like you’ve just emerged from battle. Before you get to this point, give yourself the gift of peace — without the side of guilt. Hire a babysitter or enlist a friend or family member to take over for a few hours to punch in some “me” time and recharge, whether that means going for a spa treatment, to the gym or just for a long, head-clearing walk. Give yourself this gift, or ask for it from your spouse (it’s ultimately money you two are setting aside for babysitters) or, even better, suggest it to your teenager or in-laws (it’s a gift that requires no money exchange, but the time they spend is priceless).

Gift No. 3: Passion Projects

When things get hectic, it’s often our passion projects — volunteering, knitting, gardening — that fall by the wayside. These are often the things that keep us most centered and less stressed. Bring these projects to the forefront during the holidays by asking for small items to enhance the experience. For example, if gardening is your thing, maybe a new pair of gloves or some tools is just what the doctor ordered to help you make it a priority again.

Gift No. 4: Creature Comforts

Do you live and die by your smart phone calendar? Use your MP3 player daily at the gym? Consider your technological (or other) obsession, and alert family and friends that you may need an upgrade. Whether it’s a newer model, faster modem, more memory, or something else, if it makes your life easier and lets you function with less stress, it deserves a prime spot on your list.

Gift No. 5: New Undergarments

We’ll bet you can’t remember the last time you purchased underwear, bras, slips or stockings, which means it’s probably time (hey, back-to-school shopping took the bulk of the budget, we get it.) While you may put it low on the list of wants, new (and potentially sexy) undergarments can make you feel good during the dreary winter months and even boost self-esteem. And, frankly, that bra with the half-broken clasp belongs in the garbage anyway. So, take a special shopping trip, order online or suggest it to your significant other — you’re worth it.

Vanessa Voltolina is the managing editor of Studio One’s Healthy Starts Made Simple, and a former online editor for NBCUniversal. Her work has appeared in several national publications, including Weight Watchers and SHAPE.  By Vanessa Voltolina for

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