When you’re a parent, sometimes you may feel like your social life has to be put on hold so that you can always be available to entertain your children (i.e., do things that you might not necessarily enjoy doing, but you know your kids will love).

The reality is that yes, once you are a mom, everything about your life changes, including things like your weekend activities. But, that doesn’t automatically or necessarily mean that just because you oftentimes have to find ways to incorporate your children into your social schedule that you have sacrifice your own fun in the process. That’s what this article is about: providing you with five fun weekend activities that will be delightful for both you and your children:

Have “dinner and a movie”. Thanks to services like On Demand, Netflix and Hulu Plus, you don’t have to spend a ton of money at the movie theater. You can actually create your own “cinema experience” at home. Just make some burgers and fries or order and pizza, pop some popcorn and have some dark chocolate candies and fruit juice mixed with mineral water nearby. Then you and the kids can order a movie and watch it in the dark all huddled up as a family.

Go to a sports center. The great thing about going to a sports center is that admission (typically) does not cost a lot of money and there are a wide variety of things to do. You can swim, play basketball and some centers even have an ice skating rink. Plus, after a few hours of being there, your children will be so tired that a bath and the bed will be all that they are thinking about on the way home. (A definite additional perk!)

Tour your city. There are lots of people who have lived in their city for years, but have never seen it through the eyes of being a tourist. Another fun thing that you can do is pack up some bagged lunches and hop a bus or subway and look at the sights. For the kids, it will be fun to run around the city. For you, it will serve as its own educational tour.

Pack a picnic. Food is something that people of all ages enjoy. So, why not get a couple of picnic baskets together, go to a local park and hang out for the day? You can take your bikes and a soccer or kickball along. Plus, based on the kind of park, you can even go on a family hike.

Have a slumber party. Most of us have fond memories of having a slumber party as a child. You got to dress up in cute pajamas, you and your friends pulled out your sleeping bags, you put snacks on the tables and simply hung out listening to music, watching television or talking until you couldn’t keep your eyes closed any longer. Some of the best memories with your child will come by spending some real quality time with them. A slumber party is free and fun but it’s also a wonderful way to get a few uninterrupted hours with your kids. And that, is priceless.

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