If your home office is nothing more than a cramped closet with a tiny desk and a laptop, or you’ve just never gotten around to painting the walls and adding décor to the spare room you use when working from home, then perhaps it’s time to consider a few improvements that will turn your home office into a space that’s functional, beautiful, and conducive to creativity. Since you’re going to be working there for the foreseeable future, it behooves you to design a space that will support and inspire you in all of your professional endeavors. And here are a few easy ways to turn a dull, drab, afterthought of a home office into a truly innovative work space.

  1. Paint. There’s just no easier way to change the look and feel of your space than by slapping on a new coat of paint. It’s a transformative step that can be completed in a single day with proper planning, so don’t hesitate to start comparing swatches. Think about what you want to get out of the color, as well as what you like. For example, pale blues, greens, and purples tend to have a calming effect while bright shades of red, orange, and pink are said to boost creativity and inspiration. Of course, if you want an even easier upgrade, consider using wall decals like those at Blik Surface Graphics (whatisblik.com).
  2. Furniture. You might think that all you need is a desk and a chair to make your office functional, but you may want to put a little more thought into the matter. For one thing you’ll probably want some kind of storage, for client files and office supplies at the very least. While a simple desk with drawers may certainly meet your needs, you might want to include a filing cabinet or some shelving with bins in order to accommodate a growing business operation. In addition, you should definitely consider furnishings that are appropriately sized for your space. And if you host clients you may want to include a professional seating area if possible.
  3. Ergonomic solutions. Sitting at a desk all day can be murder on your back, so having a comfortable chair is a must. And thanks to ergonomic advances you can find all kinds of solutions that will help to keep your body properly aligned for maximum health and fewer aches and pains. In addition to chairs that fit the bill there are adjustable work stations to consider, along with footrests, keyboards, and all kinds of other options to make your home office more comfortable.
  4. Décor. Perhaps one of the best ways to improve your home office, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, is to add some practical and aesthetically pleasing décor. A mirror, for example, can not only accessorize a room, but also bounce light to make your space seem brighter and add depth that makes a small room feel larger. Lighting is also important, and in addition to overhead lights you should have a desk lamp at the very least. Including favorite art can help to improve your mood, as can adding plants, which enhance your mental state by producing brain-boosting oxygen.
  5. Electronics. If your computer was last relevant when the viral campaign for ‘The Blair Witch Project’ launched, perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading to a new Sony Laptop and a Canon MP560 ink jet printer with wireless capabilities. This way your office can reside anywhere in your home; from the living room to the kitchen to the empty bedroom down the hall.

Image source: homeofficedesignblog.com

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