Having a pool or a pergola will not only mean you make better use of your back garden but it will help get your children out from in front of the television, will give you an added excuse to entertain and will encourage you to spend plenty of time relaxing in front of it with a drink in hand.  Finish off your pool area with some sandstone pavers and provide some shade with either a veranda or a patio.  Remember if you have guests or are throwing a party on the patio and are planning on serving alcohol be sure to provide your guests with water so they don’t dehydrate or drink too much.  Having a water filter means you can get pure fresh water straight from your kitchen tap.


Make up a fresh fruity punch in a large bowl and have it there for guests to help themselves.  You can make either an alcoholic or non-alcoholic version.  For an easy punch mix a large can of tropical juice with a bottle of ginger ale and a bottle of lemonade, then add some ice and a few sprigs of mint and serve.  Punch is great for kid’s parties too or for an adult version try Sangria.


When you are outside in the sun water is the best thing you can have to rehydrate.  When serving alcohol you should always have plenty of water on hand so that guests don’t have too much alcohol and get intoxicated or dehydrated.  It is recommended that we all drink at least a litre of water a day, but this can be difficult, particularly if your tap water doesn’t taste very good.  Invest in having a water filter installed and you will always have pure water on tap.  It removes all the chemicals from the water and is extremely beneficial to your health.


If you are having a party try serving colourful cocktails instead of the usual beer and wine.  On a summer’s evening some fruity cocktails taste great and will give your party a bit of a tropical flair.  If you can’t afford all the ingredients to make a range of cocktails have your guests each bring a bottle of alcohol to make up the recipes.

Iced Tea

Iced tea is a fantastically refreshing drink and makes a perfect drink to have by the poolside.  It is very popular in the United States where over eighty percent of all tea drunk is actually iced tea.  It is particularly popular in the warmer southern states.  The drink has varying degrees of popularity in many other countries.  It is served with ice and can be made with sugar to sweeten it.


Beer is one of those drinks that are great to have on a hot day.  If you are not traditionally a beer drinker there are many new sorts of beer emerging all the time, so you might find one to suit.  You can buy low carb beer, full strength or light beer and you can even get beer with a hint of flavour, such as lemon, lime and even ginger.

Bio: Tom Mallet is an Australian freelance writer and journalist. He writes extensively in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the US. He’s published more than 500 articles about various topics.

Image source: everydaylifes.com

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