Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are becoming increasingly critical fields of expertise as the information age progresses. These services are often delegated to professional reputation management services due to their importance in online success. However, there are quite a few tools that can help you monitor your own online success.

These five apps are excellent tools in judging your Return on Investment (ROI) from SEO practices, managing your social media outlets, and getting an understanding of your Internet marketing efficacy.

Google Analytics

google analytics

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When it comes to web analytics and internet data, Google Analytics is by and far the most popular service. Even better, it’s free! By analyzing everything from source links, maps of visitors by geographic location, and conversion breakdowns, Google Analytics offers mountains of data for online marketers to utilize.

However, this immense amount of data is both a blessing and a curse, as you can imagine. For those who seek simpler tools, there are several options.

Analytics Pro

Analytics Pro

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Analytics Pro is one of the highest rated website analytics apps on IOS devices. It displays all the data you love from Google but in a beautiful visualization, making it easier to manage multiple websites on the fly. With Analytics Pro, you’ll find yourself going for your iPhone instead of your Internet browser for all of your Google Analytics needs.



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Pure website data isn’t the only important element of online marketing. Building a reputation and an identity is critical to success on the Internet. Social media is arguably the most effective tools available to Internet entrepreneurs today. It’s perfect for building a reputation as well as increasing site traffic and reaching targeted demographics.

HootSuite offers unique features for web professionals such as post scheduling, social media analytics tracking, keyword monitoring, and much more, all contained within a sleek, streamlined interface. Combining HootSuite with a reputation service such as Internet entrepreneur Michael Fertik and his company makes managing your online identity a breeze.



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Continuing in the vein of accessibility, we have Ego, a highly acclaimed app that combines many popular services in one accessible interface. This app supports a variety of widgets and plug-ins, and provides an excellent venue for your web and social media statistics. Ego not only supports Google Analytics, Twitter, and Vimeo, but even incorporates Mint, a popular online budgeting and finance management tool.

Raven Tools

Finally we have Raven, a creative collection of Internet marketing tools and business practices that have elevated it to a very lofty ranking. Combined with a web interface, their mobile app allows you to view summaries of Google Analytics, keyword searches, and Alexa rankings. Raven is a sleek combination of competitive data visualization and social media marketing integration, available for iPhone and iPad.

With these highly accessible mobile apps your data has never been easier to act on. SEO analysis and judging your ROI are as simple as tapping a button on your mobile device now. With social media and online reputation services to assist you, there’s nowhere to go but higher in the rankings.

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