Working from home is the perfect solution for stay at home moms who are looking to either make some extra money on the side or earn a full time income, however it does come with one small snag; for women who are already taken out of the normal workplace, which is where many people in their age bracket meet people their own age, they are now further removed from any social interaction. Having a solid social circle, however, is something that everyone needs, especially if you work from home full time and raise children. This means that work at home moms have to work even harder at maintaining a social circle. These four tips will help you stay socially active while working from home:

  1. Join a networking group. Whether it’s a networking group within your profession or just a general professional networking group, these types of groups can offer a window of opportunity for people who are struggling to meet peers otherwise. They typically meet at least once a month and are a great way to network professionally as well as meet friends personally.
  2. Volunteer. Volunteering knocks out two birds with one stone: you are able to meet other people who share a passion or interest that you have and you are able to help people who are less fortunate than you at the same time. The sense of accomplishment that accompanies volunteering can also help escalate personal self confidence and self satisfaction, which can translate into being both a more successful parent and worker.
  3. Set up weekly dates with girlfriends. Keeping in touch with good friends is one of the few ways that moms are able to stay sane, and this is especially true for those who are juggling being a stay at home mom and are working a full time job. The stress that can come with balancing two full-time jobs like this can be overwhelming, and making weekly dates to get out and relax with girlfriends is the perfect way to relieve some stress.
  4. Take up a new hobby. It can be hard to remember your own importance when you’re toggling between working full time and parenting full time, even while working from home, and it’s important to put yourself first from time to time. Making time to pursue something that is a personal interest of your own by taking up a new hobby, such as running or crafting, is of the utmost importance for maintaining some sanity.

As you juggle working from home and parenting you can’t let your social circle slip by the wayside. It may take some extra work, but it’s extra work that’s well worth it because it can help you stay sane in an otherwise very hectic and stressful schedule.

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