Perhaps the most important eco-friendly choice you can make for your baby is to start using cloth diapers instead of disposable ones. Disposable plastic diapers may have taken up more space in landfills across the world than almost any other individual type of human discard. A single baby can go through thousands of non-reusable diapers in her first year of life alone, so reusable cloth diapers don’t just make more sense for the planet, they make sense for your wallet, too. While a cloth diaper kit like this one is not cheap, it contains enough liners and supplies for 300 diaper changes, at a price comparable to the same number of discounted name brand disposable diapers. It is also easier than ever before to make the right choice and avoid disposable diapers. These days, cloth diapers come pre-folded and you have the option for Velcro closures instead of diaper pins. Flushable liners eliminate the need for rinsing the diapers before placing them in the laundry pail.


As we have learned over the last few years, certain kinds of plastics, including those often used in baby bottles, are not good for us when used over long periods of time. While replacing plastic bottles with glass ones may not be the best option, those plastic bottles that leach toxic Bisphenol A (BPA) are not an option for your baby at all. Thankfully, glass bottles are not the only alternative out there. There are many plastic baby bottles available which are PVC-free and do not contain any BPA, making them safer for your baby. They come in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes to fit your baby’s needs. On the other hand, if you want to do away with using a plastic bottle all together, there are still glass options that might be more to your liking.

Teething Rings

The baby product with the most environmentally friendly choices might just be for teething. While most online retailers have one page of eco-friendly diapers and perhaps two of bottle alternatives, there are pages upon pages of teething toy options. As with baby bottles, teething objects made of the wrong kinds of plastic should be avoided for your child’s health and safety. Currently on the market right now are teethers made from 100% natural rubber, rings made from non-BPA containing plastics, and still others made out of chewable organic fabrics, polymers that are corn starch based, or even crafted from various woods. Many of the teethers currently available aren’t even remotely ring shaped. Some teethers double as rattles and others can be chilled in the refrigerator.

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