Organization is very important while working in your office, and there are a number of things that you will want to take into consideration to save time.

Using labelers, such as Dymo labelers to organize your office will help you be more productive, organized and have a more pleasant workday.  I know for me- working in the office can become stressful at times, especially if I cannot find the things that are needed for an important deadline.  I quickly learned to remedy this situation by using labels to save time in the office.  To help you find things easily, create labels for most items in your office.

The 10 tips below are great ways to ensure your office stays organized and functional.

  1. The first thing you would need to do is label your filing cabinet.  You will label your filing cabinet by determining what files you need to put inside. You must note what each compartment contain and separate them accordingly.  This can be done by the different type of documents you require.
  2. You will then want to label your dividers and put them inside your filing cabinet.  To keep your files in your filing cabinets more organized and easier to locate.
  3. Next, you would want to decide on how to label your files that will go inside the filing cabinet- depending on your business needs.  You will want to organize and classify your files inside the cabinet to ensure simpler future use.  Files are usually labeled and organized by name, which is typically alphabetized in chronological order.  This filing system appears to work for many.
  4. Once you have your filing cabinet, dividers and files organized with labels, you will need to label your shelves. I usually include books and reference materials on my shelves.
  5. You will then want to label your books, reference tools and office binders to make finding them quickly and easily.
  6. Maintain small boxes, which are located on your shelves to include business cards and miscellaneous items. By labeling these boxes, you are saving time by knowing what is inside each of them.
  7. Keep a few trays and label them the in and out basket and pending basket.  This tip can make tasks less stressful by having your paperwork separated by each job duty.
  8. Use one basket that is labeled mailing basket.  This could be used to include all business mail received and aid in keeping it organized.
  9. Save time on labeling your office tools such as stapler, tape dispenser and hole punches.  These items are labeled to ensure ownership.
  10. Label your supply cabinet shelves so others will know where the supplies are located.  This will also help when supplies are low and needing to be restocked.

Image source:  Dymo

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