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10 Easy Steps to Optimize Your Mom Blog for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization – most bloggers hear that phrase and get a shiver down their spine.  It’s seems like such a vague idea – a game that doesn’t have definitive rules.  No one can really give you a clear, concise answer as to how the SEO game is played – or how to win it.  Some people understand it all, but I’m not sure that a lot of us would be able to understand, too, if they chose to share with us.

The problem in all this is that SEO is a game that your blog needs to be winning at in order to be successful.  Search engines are such a huge source of potential traffic to your blog.  You want to rank as highly in them as possible so that your blog gets visitors.  While, I cannot claim, in any shape or form, to be able to try to explain how SEO works, I do have a few tips to help you make your blog more search engine friendly.

Article Marketing

Publishing articles on sites such as Ezine Articles and Go Articles, and including a link to your blog in your article, will help you gain backlinks for your blog.  The key to using this tactic successfully is to provide well-written, informative articles that other website and blog owners will want to publish for their readers.  As your articles are published around the web, your SEO will be helped by all the links back to your blog.

Exchange links

Find other bloggers in your niche and send them an email asking if they would like to exchange links.  They will post your blog link or button on their blog and you will post theirs on your blog.  Try to choose blogs that are closely related to your subject matter.

Write Reviews for Amazon

When you purchase and use products from Amazon, remember to go back to the site and write a review.  Make sure your review is informative and helpful and tie in a post on your blog, if possible.  Link to the post and you’ll gain a helpful backlink to improve your SEO.  If your review is helpful enough to make people wonder about your post and click through to it, this could also be another source of traffic.

Post an ad for your blog on

If your topic allows for this, post an ad on Craigslist to let others know of your expertise.  This is especially helpful if your blog provides a service or sells a product.

Use SEO Scribe

This tool is one of the most helpful and easy to use SEO improvement resources out there.  After you have written a post for your blog, you simply plug it into SEO Scribe and see what changes you need to make in order for your post to be more SEO-friendly.  You’ll also be able to see which keywords your post will be ranking for and make adjustments as necessary.  You can try SEO Scribe for free to make sure you like it.

Use SEO plug-ins

If your blog is on WordPress, you’re already on your way to improving your SEO.  WordPress has pre-built in features that automatically make your blog more SEO-friendly.  You can improve your SEO even more by using such plugins as All in One SEO Pack, SEO Post Link, Simple Tags, and Sitemap Generator.

Add new content often

The more content that you add to your blog, the more there is for search engines to index.  Use this tip carefully, though, because you don’t want to overwhelm your readers either.

Create a keyword rich elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is a short, memorable phrase that will help readers remember your blog.  It sums up your blog’s purpose or mission in a few words.  Do some research to find the keywords for which you want your blog to rank in search engines and try to include them in your elevator pitch.  Don’t go overboard with this one, though.  Your pitch still needs to be something that readers can relate to and remember.

Use keyword phrases as your links. Not “click here”.

When you’re writing a post and want to link to another site, try not to simply tell your readers to click here.  Instead, tell them they need to find out more about an easy way to increase their blog traffic.  Both links will take readers to the same place, but the latter one will help you with your SEO.

Guest post on popular blog

When your guest post is featured on another blog, you will usually gain at least one link back to your blog.  Choose well-ranking blogs on topics similar to yours to make the most of those backlinks.  Stay with us for the rest of the blog tour – one of the stops along the way will feature: 10 Guest Posting Secrets.

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