Keep That Money in the Bank! Simple Ways to Get a Hold of Your Finances


large Keep That Money in the Bank! Simple Ways to Get a Hold of Your Finances

Everyone wants to be better about managing their money, but between hectic work schedules and long to-do lists, sitting down to figure out your finances can easily fall to the bottom of the priorities pile. Fortunately, we’ve brought the research to you, asking money management pros for their top tips on how to save more, pay down debt and bring in a little cash. Here’s what they recommend:

Know Where Your Money Goes

Before you start planning how to save, it’s essential to track your spending. Take a look at how much it costs to run your household each month, then see how much money you have left for discretionary spending, says Sophia Bera, CFP and founder of Gen Y Planning. If you notice any unnecessary debts or spending, try to pare down those expenses.

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Organize Your Laundry Room, Organize Your Life

laundry room boy mom Organize Your Laundry Room, Organize Your LifeThe average American household goes through nearly 400 loads of laundry a year, which means your laundry room sees a lot of action. Since the most highly trafficked areas of our homes naturally become the most disorganized, it’s not surprising if the laundry space is looking less than its best. It is, however, fixable with these easy-to-follow tips.

Line up, and liven up, the supplies. Luscious-scented products will take you to your happy place as soon as you uncap the bottle. Keep them—along with your other laundry necessities—lined up on an easy-to-reach shelf, and let your family know exactly where the supplies are, so they can pitch in.

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